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What Are Vampires

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What Are Vampires

A mythical creatures who try to avoid their own deaths and demise by literally sucking out the blood of their victims. The fear of vampires has been around for a very long time. Indeed there are a number of countries such as: Bulgaria, Russia, the Orient, Babylon and Greece that have been cited as being the origins of the vampire lore. Although there is much anecdotal evidence for the existence of vampires, as yet there appears to be no physical evidence of their being.

Why Do Vampires Drink Blood?

Vampires from mythology needed fresh blood to keep alive. And some modern Blood drinkers who believe themselves to be "Vampires" drink blood for the same reason. Other modern day Blood drinkers, drink blood because they like the taste. So as you see Different People have different reasons why the drink blood.
Vampires blood can only remain pure if they "feed" on a human beings blood. Vampire are not technically alive so they need blood from the living to stay in there alive/ dead state and to remain immortal

Vampire Society

Vampires aren't just lonely creatures. They are social amoung each other and cooperate in groups called "clans" When working together in clans they are more likly to ensure there safety and there survival.
They can hunt in groups and since vampires are basically have human intelligence if not greater than human intelligence they can find a way to store blood and weed it out into farms so there likely hood of being discovered by unwanted attention (AKA Human beings/Government)
Every clan consist of a leader or many leaders known as elders. They are the strongest and most experienced vampires in the clan and they are the key to the whole clan surviving. They are the oldest vampires in the clan and since there immortal they never die of old age.

Vampire And Werewolf (Neighboor Hatred)

Werewolves and Vampires don't look at eachother as allies. One race is superiour to the other and both think there own race is odviously better.
Vampires had collided in a forever hating clash with the Lycans (Another name for werewolf) ever since werewolves broke away and decided they did not want to serve vampire kind any longer.
The ultimate problem between the clans is the "Hybrid" a mix between vampire and lycan. It shares the power of both species making it greater than either clans. And it creates a problem for the clans because they are impossible to kill by adult hood. So they have to kill them as children so that the clans remain pure.
Hybrids are rare they barely exist.

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