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What Is Roleplaying?

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What Is Roleplaying?
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What Is Roleplaying?

Roleplaying is another way of fantasy playing as some people would say. We see it as a way to live our dreams and to have great fun!
Roleplaying is one way to get creative and show everyone your skill in writing.
There are two types of roleplay:
-1st person
-3rd person

1st Person
1st person is my favorite but it makes it hard to interact with other character's. Basically you talking about yourself

e.g.I knew what she wanted, but how could I be the one to decide wither we survive or not? I gridded my teeth together as my finger shook and fumbled on the trigger of the handgun. Alice grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and grabbed the hand that the gun was being held in and stabbed it into her chest "kill me!" she demanded. The infection was growing slowly inside her, she was a naturally calm person but she showed aggression. My finger still danced lightly on the trigger.. I couldn't do it.. "If I kill you! I'll be responsible for everyone else's death!" tears fell from my face and my whole body trembled. I have never held a gun especially against a Innocent human being.
It's a lot but it gets the point across. My book is first person and this is a part of it XD.

Responding to First Person:

Ok first person is the hardest to respond to. If two or more or all characters are first person then the former post should be through carefully!

I picked up the gun looked at the others. I had to try and ensure there survival.. So the guns that remained on the ground I grabbed and offered them to the group. "Take them it's our only chance" I said quietly.

She killed her and now how are we going to survive!? Many weapons lay there. I could barely hear the words coming from Jordanne's mouth but I could kind of guess that she meant weapons. As I approached her I seemed to be more angry then I was back there... How could she do this to us?

It is hard to find the right response to first person. So if your a beginner you should start with 3rd person

3rd person:
Third person is the easiest type of roleplay. It's an out of roleplay or out of person response. It is the most common roleplay that people use.

She was cunning with her handgun, swift and agile she seemed unstoppable. She leaped on to the barricade pulling out her killer 7 as well. She fired accurately and fast. "Die you you flesh eating bastards!" she yelled out of control. The zombies swarmed but she didn't realize it at the time. Her ankle throbbed with pain but she kept on firing her weapon, she clearly lost her right mind. She so badly wanted to prove to Jeremy and the others that she was worthy and she could ensure the survival of everyone. Bullets penetrated the skulls and chests of the un-dead beasts and as quickly as she could shoot she reloaded "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she yelled out as the swarmed more and more and more.. She would surely die as soon as her bullets emptied...

Jeremy didn't take much a notice to Jordanne leaping off the building and shooting "a" zombie. He clearly wasn't that impressed. She killed there one way to make it out. But when Jordanne didn't return to the building his heart beat slowly began to increase... Hearing the rapid non-stop gunshots he peered over the roof top. She stood all alone un-dead slowly coming closer to kill her. He didn't think he acted, he leaped fearcly off the roof top all weapons in hand. He bolted over killing any un-dead who got in his way to reach her before it was to late. He leaped on the barricade next to her firing to push them all back. He then stopped and grabbed her around the waist ripping her off the broken down police vehicle. Hauling her away he shot any un-dead who reached for them.. But it was hard pulling a half mad women and shooting at the same time. Luckily he had others getting his back at the roof top. He finally reached the steel ladder and he began to pull himself up with her, others grabbed them both and pulled them up. What was she thinking...

3rd person is easy so try using that instead of 1st person people will probably understand you more XD

Cyraus Of Darkness

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