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What Are Werewolves

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In European folklore, a werewolf is a normal human by day that turns into a wolf at night. These wolves eat people, animals, or even corpses. The condition can be hereditary, or acquired through a werewolf bite. Also, some werewolves are able to control when they change shape, while others are unavoidably turned by the fullmoon. In countries where wolves are not common animals, people can change into other dangerous animals. ...

About Werewolves

Stories of men turning into beasts go back to antiquity. In parts of ancient Greece, werewolf myths, stemming from prehistoric times became linked with the Olympian religion.

Lycanthropy (werewolfism) was named for Apollo Lycaeus, "Wolfish Apollo," who used to be worshipped in the famous Lyceum or "Wolf-temple" where Socrates taught. Apollo was mated to Artemis as a divine Wolf Bitch at Troezen, where she purified Orestes with the blood of nine sacrificial victims. Pausanias said Apollo was originally an Egyptian deity, deriving his name from Up-Uat (Ap-ol), a very ancient name of Anubis.

In another myth, Lycaeus, or Lycaeon, was a Pelasgian wolf-king who reigned in a nine- year cycle as spouse of the Ninefold Goddess, Nonacris. Lycaon, decided to trick Zeus. He fed Zeus a banquet of meats in which he had included human flesh. Zeus became incensed and turned Lycaon into a wolf, but allowed him to keep his human mind so to be always aware of his doom.

Signs Of Being A Werewolf

- Excessive hair growth in the private, arm leg and facial area
- Major Increase in hunger
- Heightened sences mostly smell and hearing (sight gets better in the dark)
- The desire to eat Vegetables expires
- The desire to eat meat (cooked and raw) increases
- Physical peak increases
- Nails harden and jaw becomes stronger
- Hyper sexual activity highly increases. Male:- Urge to mate with opposite sex
                                                               - Penis enlarges
                                                               - White dripping
                                                               - Desire to have a female companion
                                                               - Urge to urinate in female presents
                                                               - (His own mate)
                                                               -  Pelvise increases in strength
                                                    Female: - Urge to mate with opposite sex
                                                                - Vaginal area stretches back
                                                                - Increase flow of discharge
                                                                -  Desire to attract male partner
                                                                - Urge to increase sexual
                                                                   frequency between herself
                                                                   and male.
                                                                - Pelvis enlarges


Werewolves are real...

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