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Making Your Own Roleplaying Pack

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When roleplaying in the Forms, a member can chose whether or not he wants to start a pack. When starting a pack, you must consult with Cyraus first and give her ideas on why you want to start a pack. Would you be able to handle it? And so on. Answer questions that she may/will have. Once the interview is over, she will decide whether you are fit to handle a pack or if you should be better off joining another player's pack.

If you are approved, you chose which roleplaying character (out of 3) who will be the Alpha. You will give a name of your pack and give a description of what your territory will look like (For example: Will it be a forest with a river? The bitter cold of snow, etc.) How many members you want in your pack (maximum is 16)? Once you are given full pack privileges, you can start gathering members and Dark Rain will create your own personal board for you to use with the title of your pack. Any member who is not a part of your pack is not allowed to post in your forums. If a pack choses to post in your forum, you have the right to give them permission to post in your forum or the right to challenge them. If you do challenge another pack for your territory, the other pack's Alpha has the right to accept or back down from your challenge.

If the pack's Alpha choses to back down from a challenge, you get the privilege of posting on their forums without any affect of your pack. You can only challenge up to 2 packs every two weeks. Challenges are arranged by Dark Rain Only. If your pack wins the challenge, you claim territory rights for two weeks and the pack that lost will have to post in the "Lone Pack" Forums. This means you claim their forums and use it as your own for two weeks. Then once the two weeks are over, that pack reclaims their lost territory. And everything is back to normal.

Keep in mind that your pack will have a Reputation to keep. If you challenge packs and win over their territory, you gain "paws". The more number of "paws" you have, the more you are seen as the strongest and less packs will challenge you. You can gather up to a total of 10 paws and if you reach this amount, no pack can claim your territory rights.

If you don't have a reputation, you will be challenged and easily picked on by other packs.

Also, when roleplaying, keep in mind that the only creatures you can roleplay are wolves and werewolves. No other creatures are allowed to be roleplayed unless they are a description in your post. Example: The black bird flew over his head, circling him above the skies.

Werewolves are allowed in packs of wolves as well. Werewolves can also start packs of their own. Same rules apply to werewolves when starting a pack.

If you have any questions, please contact Cyraus.

E-mail to join the darkness.