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Walking... Street lights lead your path as you are aiming to make it home tonight. It seems to be taking forever. You continue to walk on however until... Something catches your eye, right at the very corner of it. You turn your head slightly to peir what seems to be two fences and a grass path leading into darkness. Pitch black, dark as demon souls. Wind whisps past your ears as you continue to gaze into the black nothingness. Perhaps it is a short cut... Cut time in half to go on home. Home sweet home.
You look back to the street litten path you were taking, a news paper tumbels across the slightly moist road and a fog has risen with out your notice. Lights flicker suddenly and something makes a move in the darkness, you turn... But see nothing. It's a long way home and your house is just that way, you can see it barely trough the trees'. "It's too Dark" Your consious tells you.
"Don't do it it is too dangerous"
It wailes at you.
You walk forward down the street litten side walk, but stop to turn looking at the darkness once more. "If you take it we can get home so much quicker" Another voice says. Freezing for a moment thinking on what to do your gaze is turned to the darkness. One hesitant leg takes one step to the darkness, but the other takes a step to the street. Your body is playing tug a war with itself? Can't you make up your mind?
Hard isn't it? Finally one leg lets go and your path is chosen.

You plunge into darkness like a young  child jumping into a swimming pool. Trying to walk quickly to avoid the fear of darkness around your body.
 Skeleton, pine and maple trees' surround the area and fallen leaves litter the ground. Tree roots stick up out of the forest floor. The wind picks up its ferousity and begins to roar past your ear drums, stur the forest leaves and make the branches of the trees' crack and sing a moarning tone.
It almost sounds as if the trees' could fall right about now. The moans of the trees' sound of the equility of phantom spirits. But ghosts aren't real.. are they?
Continuing your journy on. You notice the lights of your house you were looking at moments ago have vanished. Suddenly you realize your completly surrounded by darkness...
You pause as your heart beat starts to quicken with the thought of being lost and all alone in the darkness. Or.. Are you alone? You have stopped moving but someone or something hasn't. Am I being watched you think to yourself. Or is it just my imagination. You decide to look around you maybe you should just go back. But where was back? Soon you find yourself not able to figure out where it is you came from. Heart beats quicken even more so. "Thump...Thump..Thump Thump thump thump thump THUMP THUMP! You take in some cold forest air but that doesn't seem to settle the rapid heart beats.The skelton trees don't seem to help either. Your mind decides that it won't make it out of here just standing around, so you look one last time and choose a direction. And you walk, but doesn't seem to get you anywhere just deeper into these bloody dark woods. However the beating of your heart has calmed down ever so slightly. Until..
Suddenly! Something runs from behind you. You turn to see what it was but.. you see nothing but darkness. You approach the area where the where the noise was made and you bend down feeling the ground. Dog Prints? No much larger... "Wol.." Something runs behind you only this time it is closer than the last time. With your head turned something else runs past you..un-seen. Your calm heart beat turns into adreniline beats. Now it was certain.. you are being followed... or hunted?
More noises surround you and your fear increases, your heart rate increases, your body shakes. Some comes over you and you get up and run blindly through the trees' in hope there may be a way out. But no instead something catches your foot and... you trip over an up-root and hit the ground face first. Pain renches your whole body you try to stand but you can't. So you turn over.. And your greeted by approaching blood red ords. Your voice quivers at the magnificant  as well as frightening beast apporaches closer and closer. You try to  scream but you can't something seems to seize your breath. The black beast stands above you looking down, your heart beat quickens even more so. As more eyes' join the red pair. A blue pair, amber pair, green pair, fire yellow pair and more. "We are the dark souls of the forest, we are the Dark Soul Wolves and we welcome you with open paws." The voice seemed to growl as this female wolf spoke. "If you are lost you are no longer for you are home! Here in the woods of Dark souls. Follow me and you will be home" You stare in complete awe, for the offer was coming not from a human but a wolf. "However if you wish to go to your human home.. Then I'll take you there, however you decide, come with us! or go back to human society. The choice is yours"
"Which will you choose?" The voice deeply hummed.

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