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Joining The Pack and Joining The Darkness

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Reading this information is essential to joining the pack.

Joining The Pack


If you are wanting to join the pack, there are simple steps you need to follow. First, you can email me ( When you email me, please state your name (your prefered to go by) and requesting to join the pack, give your reason why you want to join, as well. Then I will respond ask a few questions. Fill this out and reply and I will go over it. If you pass, I will congratulate you, add you to the pack, and create your wolf avatar on the Pack page. (Pack Avatars will be made later on after I get Abobe photoshop)

Also, one thing I do require in your email is please use proper spelling and grammar. It's not a big deal I just want to be able to read it and for others to read it as well.

Joining Territory (Dark Soul Wolf Pack Forums)


Joining the territory, you have to register an account (free of charge). When you are registering for the Territory, please notify me through email what your account name is so I can activate it. When accounts are not activated, they have no freedom or purpose. Activated accounts can create topics, reply to topics, private message members, view topics and more.

Those who have not joined the pack will have their account deleted after 10 days of creation unless you email me, wanting to join (see above for details) and you have passed the qeustionaire. 

 If you register with out my notice I will be asking questions and if you pass I will let you stay.. on watch only. We can not afford any predetors.

Any questions, please email me.

Thank you

E-mail to join the darkness.